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Hello life.... [20 Apr 2011|08:04pm]
what happened? we don't hang out no more. >__
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Been a while..... [22 Jan 2007|09:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lj has changed so much.

I don't know where everything is anymore. o___O

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Bordem leads to....Wallpapers! [02 Jun 2006|02:32pm]
[ mood | creative ]

They're basically just the images with some text pasted on it, I really don't know what I'm doing, but it's fun to try new things. There are still so many stuff I need to figure out about Photoshop. errr....what a pain.

I have no idea how this one turned into Namine/Roxas.Collapse )

The only one I'm using is the first one, 'cause my Dad occasionally steals my laptop to browse the news, and I don't think he'd buy it if I tell him Riku is a girl. x__x But at least now I can actually say, 'yes, dad, the pretty picture on my desktop IS drawn by me.' ^^

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So this is what I've been up to.... [30 May 2006|05:10pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I found this cool tutorial about how to draw realistic rain in Photoshop, and I wanna try it. But it would be weird if I just draw rain, so I had to think of something to go with it. Right now it's just the lineart.

I'll be your shelter in the rain.Collapse )

And I went to see the X-men 3. All I can say it WTF!!??? O__O NOOOOOOO!!!!! T__T

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If you could use one word to describe a KH character... [23 May 2006|11:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]

....what would it be?

Do they have Kingdom Heart collectable cards? I wanna KH cards. *pout* They have KH figurines, so they should have KH cards.

The sun, the moon and the star.Collapse )

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My second CG! Yayyy!!! ^^ [20 May 2006|12:10pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

The whole colouring process takes so long, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Riku+Sora: a most awkard situation.Collapse )

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KH2 art post...again. [18 May 2006|05:02pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

My friend and I were talking about the KH2 villains the other day, and I was saying how the most I managed to feel about OXIII(VIII and XIII aside, and not including the fangirl squeal of OMG PRETTY BOYS) are mild annoyance. So the conversation shifted to the general 'how RPG villains just aren't what they used to be.' I can't remember the last time a villain had me all fired up and all 'MUST KILL HIM/HER/IT!' Except maybe Diz(who's more of an anti-hero than a villain), and I didn't really want him dead, it was more like 'I'LL FREAKING SLAP YOU!'. He fell back into my good grace when he admit he was being an ass in the vey end.

But anyway, here are the pics, and it's all about Roxas.Collapse )

Must go back to work now. >__< and the weather is so gloomy today.

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Is it possible to date someone without telling them you're dating them? [16 May 2006|06:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I know I'm not the sharpest when it comes to those thing, but what happened to the good old fashion "I like you. Let's go out."

Hints!? What bloody hints?! How the hell am I suppose to know?! Those kind of things don't work in real life!

This can't be happening.

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My first attempt at colouring using Photoshop [15 May 2006|12:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

I know it sucks, but I actually CGed something! Hehehehe..... ^__^ Yayyyyyyy!!!!!

I used an old lineart of Winry.Collapse )
All I can say is: layers are wonderful, wonderful things. Now back to practice more.

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I'm prone to random burst of ideas... [08 May 2006|09:05pm]
[ mood | sick ]

...which I thought was funny/cute/smart/whatever at the time. I would get all happy and hyped up about it, and sit in front of my desk for hours and finished the whole thing in one go. Then I would stop and actually look at it and realized that it wasn't really all that funny/cute/smart/whatever. *sigh* I need to get some new hobbies, maybe like a sport or something.

Because Sora&Riku was, is and most likely will always be my KH favourite, although Axel&Roxas comes to a very close second.Collapse )

I don't feel so good today. I think it's that stupid almond tofu pudding thingie I ate.(Tofu are NOT meant to be sweet, damnit!)

'am going to bed now.... x__x

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I foresee a lots and a lots of headaches... [03 May 2006|02:34pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I've installed both Photoshop and Painter on my laptop. So far, the only thing I figured out is how to invert an image, everything else looks complicated. I'm going to the library this weekend to see if I can find a copy of 'Photoshop for Dummies', or maybe there's stuff on line. Anyway, for the moment, I'll stick with my trusty pen.

The inverted thingie is actually kinda cool-looking.Collapse )

Tonight is game 7 of the Calgary Flame vs. Anaheim Mighty Ducks. I have my Flame jersey and my lucky socks on. Please win!

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No, Dad, even if you bribe me with pretty pens, you still CAN'T see my sketchbook... [29 Apr 2006|08:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Dad went to the bookstore to buy Chinese newspaper today and saw those cool pens and bought them for me! They're a set of 25 different colour ink pens. They have like five different greens and four different blues. I'll probablly rarely use them, but still.... ^__^ He's got this weird fear that if I get bored for too long, I'll start smoking or drinking or doing drugs or joining gangs. Honestly! What am I?! 15!?

But God, I'm so spoiled.

Anyway, onto more interesting things. I bring you pretty boys and pretty girls.

Axel & Roxas: Because Axel would be the type to pull out his weapon and yell:' Hands off my boyfriend!'Collapse )

Kairi: Because this could very well be what happened.Collapse )

To see more, click here.

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Dear Dad, I'm happy that you have such faith in my ability... [27 Apr 2006|08:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

...alas, the pretty picture on my desktop isn't drawn by me. *sigh* And no, unless you don't mind seeing boys kissing each other, you can't see my sketchbook.

Flame ROCKS! STUPID Ducks!

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If I get a quarter every time I see this... [25 Apr 2006|09:54pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Anime hero rule #11:

All good heros have dysfunctional families, ya know, like an evil twin/clone/someone you were cloned from/random dude who just happens to look the same/whatever.Collapse )

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All I can say is that Fuu didn't pick out the frame... [24 Apr 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I've been cruising DeviantArt to ease the pain from the considerable amount lost in my wallet(I FREAKING HATE YOU, TAX RETURN!). This little piece here is to celebrate me finding a DC club on DeviantArt. The club is new, so people, if you're a fan of the dynamic trio, GO JOIN NOW!

Because they are kids, and kids are going to act like kids.Collapse )

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To xxxHolic: STOP melting my brain... [22 Apr 2006|11:00am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So if Watanuki is stuck with Yuuko, does that mean Yuuko is stuck with Watanuki as well? 'Cause ya know, a deal means obligation from both sides.

Because sometimes I wonder just who is the spider and who is the butterfly...Collapse )

Flame WON! Ahhahahaaa! Ducks SUCKS!

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Rants [21 Apr 2006|06:20pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm finally starting to do my tax. I've got noone to blame for this procrastination but myself. I AM SO SCREWED!

People who whine about their food pisses me off. "It's been in the refrigerator." "There are seeds in it." "It's too soft." SHUT THE FUCK OFF, BE GRATEFUL AND EAT YOUR GODDAMN WATERMELON! THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRY WHO DON'T EVEN HAVE CLEAN WATER TO DRINK!

It was almost 25 degrees outside today. What happened to the good old days when we have normal weather in April, like snow!? I am starting to feel sick.... I FUCKING HATE YOU, GREEN HOUSE EFFECT!

Tonight is Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarterfinal, the Calgary Flames vs. the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. GO! FLAME GO! KICK THEIR ASSES!

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KH2 still owns me... [19 Apr 2006|07:37pm]
[ mood | Roasted ducks are the best! ]

....and will continue to own me for a very long time.

Because if I were Sora, I would never EVER let go.Collapse )

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This is what happens when I got sucked into the spirit of drawing pretty dresses... [17 Apr 2006|12:44pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I miss the old Clamp style with all its huge eyes and glamours and details, but the new one does kinda grow on you. In xxxHolic's case, the art works in favour of the stories, both (I think) aim to be surreal. Unfortunately, I never could inmate Clamp well, so the result is...well, as my friend put it, "dude, Watanuki looks way too girly!"

Because they are SO canon! Come on, this IS Clamp.Collapse )

Why must the long weekend end so soon? *sob*

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I'm on a roll ^^ [16 Apr 2006|12:35pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

It's been a while since I draw FMA. Very quick sketch, quite a few mistakes, but I had fun. ^__^

Because Havoc should have known better and because the scenario is funny.....ok, fine, it was funny at the time.Collapse )

Havoc needs more love.

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